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Thriving Parents Collective
Providing families with learning, support and community

Children playing and mom meditating

"Children are not a distraction from more important work. they are the most important work."
-C.S. Lewis


Parents make 1000s of tiny decisions everyday which impact your child’s internal and external world. Because there are so many engagement points, we as parents have the ability to shift and change small things that lead to bigger changes in family dynamics. These small changes within ourselves have the ability to not only build a deeper connection with your child, but also to change the trajectory of their growth and development well into adulthood!

As a parent, do you 

  • Feel stuck in the same patterns with your child(ren) that aren’t working.

  • Feel angry, impatient or exhausted?

  • Desire to enjoy your time with your children?

If you are open to new strategies that work long term (rather than a quick fix), Parent Coaching may be right for you!

"Every interaction with our children is a reflection of our own relationship with ourselves"

-Dr Shefali Tsabary


Get to know the power of CONSCIOUS PARENTING.

What is Conscious Parenting?
Becoming aware of what is underneath the ways we behave in moments of stress - adults and children alike. 

  • Learn to approach challenging moments with curiosity and wonder, instead of blame, shame, anger and unconscious reactions. 

  • Learn a new language of feelings, needs and beliefs and apply it to your family's everyday interactions.

  • Let go of the idea that there is a “right away” to parent and trust that through knowledge and self-awareness you can use moments of connection with your child as the conduit to growth.

Conscious parenting gives us choice to respond in the moment intentionally and in line with our values as a parent and what we want for our children, with love, empathy and compassion.

We strive to offer guidance for families in a variety of ways to support each parent’s individual way of learning. This is not a one size fits all approach!  From self-guided learning, to direct one on one work for the parents, to integrated work both for you and your child and to a community of like-minded parents.  We are here to meet you where you are at and provide a community of support to help you experience parenting from a place of empowerment and joy.

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