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Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is Parent Coaching? How is it different from therapy?
    Parent coaching is a process for being guided to learn how to parent more intentionally.  During parent coaching, you will work through a 12-week curriculum in order to learn brain science and strategies that may allow you to more effectively parent your child.  This is a non-judgmental space. In parent coaching we do not tell you what type of parent you should be or even which strategies you should use, but rather, we support your own curiosity and intuition about what might work best for your specific family.  Parent coaching differs from individual therapy in that while we bring awareness to how previous lived experiences show up in your parenting, we do not process through previous traumas or relational difficulties. Parent coaching is not a place for couples to work through their difficulties in their own relationship. At times, parent coaching may bring up some topics that may be useful to have supported in individual therapy. Parent Coaching is a place for you to receive support as a human dealing with challenging situations within your role as a parent. As a parent, you are the leader in your family. Parent Coaching supports you in being the leader you want to be.
  • What topics are covered in Parent Coaching?
    Our parent coaching is based on the Jai Institute for Parenting coaching curriculum. In this training you will learn: · Latest brain science about how children’s brains develop so you can match your strategies and responses to your child’s developmental abilities. · A more expansive understanding of how we come to our parenting through our early attachments and the way we were parented. · Specific tools for ways to regulate not only your child but also yourself through moments of stress. · New ways of communicating through non-violent communication in order to stop the loop of “they only listen when I yell”. · Understanding of emotion coaching and how to raise emotionally intelligent children. · Specific strategies relevant to your specific family and your specific child within the context of this work. · Opportunities to create joy with your child!
  • Will this change my child’s behavior?
    Because families are a system, often when one person shifts or changes others do as well (think of a mobile that hangs from the ceiling). Since your child anchors themselves in you, their parent, and models their behavior from you the parent, when you change, it invites change in your child too. While we need to account for a child’s temperament, neurology and lived experience, the parent is one of the most powerful conduits to change in a child- and the child’s most consistent teacher.
  • Will there be homework?
    Reflection on the material is one of the fastest ways to make change. There are reading materials, videos and handouts with opportunities for you to apply the content to your daily life. And, we practice the tools in session.
  • What training do the coaches have?
    All of our coaches are Certified Parent Coaches through the Jai Institute for Parenting. This is an extensive training consisting of over 6 months of curriculum learning and coaching practice. Each of our coaches also holds a degree in a related field such as occupational therapy, school psychology or counseling and brings lived experience as a parent to their role.
  • How long will it take to see improvement in my child?
    Change can be hard to predict, but we do know that a calm nervous system, and a safe, playful environment can significantly increase learning for everyone! Change invites change. The more you reflect on your own thoughts, feelings and behaviors, the faster awareness changes, and with that, behavior changes.
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