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One-on-One Parent Coaching


We understand that parenting can be tough. 

Parenting a child who has developmental, behavioral, or other differences can leave you feeling confused and exhausted. Parenting a child with developmental, behavioral, or other neurodivergent needs can be utterly isolating.  It's important for you, the parent, to get directed support in order to thrive in your role as a parent.

Our one-on-one parent coaching program provides individual guidance to empower you as a parent as well as to help you be a confident advocate for your children. We will help you make sense of the dynamic of the parent-child relationship as well as your role as a parent. Through this, you will have a strong foundation to implement strategies not only for your child but for your family as a whole.

Whether you are looking to bolster your skills as a parent through reflection and learning, or have specific challenges with your child for which you seek support, parent coaching can be the parenting ‘life line’ you are looking for. 

What you can expect to cover in or maybe learn from parent coaching:

  • Latest science in how children’s brains develop and how to best parent within your child’s developmental abilities

  • A more expansive understanding of how we come to our parenting through our early attachments and the way we were parented. 

  • Specific tools for ways to regulate not only your child but also yourself through moments of stress 

  • New ways of communicating through non-violent communication in order to stop the loop of “they only listen when I yell”

  • A new way of understanding behavior and strategies to target the core need to create lasting change 

  • How to address anger both in ourselves and in our children

  • Specific strategies relevant to your specific family and your specific child within the context of this work.

  • Opportunities to create joy with your child!

Benefits of individual Parent Coaching Sessions:

·       In 1:1 sessions, you are able to do a deep dive into your family’s dynamics and challenging scenarios, for personalized support. 

·       Individual sessions cover the JAI Parent Coaching content in detail, giving you access to written materials and handouts for self reflection. 

·       More application of content - how do I use these tools? 1:1 sessions give you personal time to explore more of and experiment with the parenting tools we offer. 

·       12-week session via zoom

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