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Parent coaching groups

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Exploring Empowered Parenting Group

This is our group version of our parent coaching work.  Join other parents in a safe space to learn about child development, brain science, attachment theory, boundaries, and values. We will use this time to get curious about your child, and to discover ways to bring more peace and connection into your home.

Benefits of Group Parent Coaching:
The group format offers community. In this community of parents, you will find you are not alone in your struggles. Your world expands through group support, and access to different perspectives.
•    Group sessions are a shorter time commitment and cost less. 
•    In group, you can be active or more of an observer.  It’s your choice!
•    Topics are presented in bundles, in an interactive lecture style.

Sessions are 8 weeks for 60 minutes via zoom
Sessions are capped at 5 families
Cost: $450
Sessions run approximately 4 times per year.  

Graduates Support Group

This group is for any family who graduated from individual coaching,  is looking for further assistance.  This is a place to explore the application of empowered parents topics and strategies from the parenting curriculum, an opportunity to connect in community to  problem solve with a coach and like-minded parents.   Group sessions are offered in a drop in format with a limit of 4 families to support individual time.  Attend when you are looking for support!


Time: Fridays at 12:00 PM

Cost: $25/group

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